InniíCity Music and Food Feastival

The InniíCity Innovation Feastival: Where Science and Culture Meet Ö is a Global Festival with the main focus on the innovative fusion of The Sciences and The Arts and Culture, including:

  • Visual Arts
  • Word Art
  • Digital and photographic Art
  • Music and Theatre
  • The Art of  Fashion Design
  • Food [Culinary Art]
  • The Art of Illusion 

The Feastival creates - in virtual and real time format - a Global music studio, art studio, dinner table, photo gallery, and Science lab in prominent cities in participating countries where the Global interaction of Science and Culture and the Heritage and Future of Culture are celebrated Globally.

InniíCity is a Design Creatorium where Creative and Innovative Thinking is generated.

The InniíCity Feastival is in essence a professional virtual and live stage for emerging artists, entertainers and performers where they have the opportunity to display or present their art works and music based productions

A unique feature of the InniíCity Feastival is the use of various languages

All participants and their performing partners are invited to contribute "something new" to the festivities, adding to the innovative character of the Feastival.  

The Feastival is presented on real time and virtual basis. This gives opportunities for students and artists of all countries to interact per broadband internet and live streaming.



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