Defining Rainbowl Palette / Kontext Musik


People speak many languages, but they sense the same things.


The Rainbowl Palette is a sense’ual and sense’sational  portrayal of the appreciation and emotion all people experience in respect of something of personal value and significance.


The rainbow is a beautiful thing. It combines different colours to form a beautiful shape.


The food master mixes different chemicals and dish up a delicious meal in a bowl

The master painter mixes various colours on his palette to illustrate on canvas the image he has in his mind


The poet combines letters and words to tell a beautiful story




The Philosophy of Kontext Musik

Context music aims to be musica franca”, a medium of communication between

(a) Peoples of different languages and cultures [Specifically between East, West and Arabic], (b) Science and Culture, (c) the Past, The Present and The Future, as well as (d) artists and persons living with affected ability.




Defining Kontext Musik: Using Octave, Element and Pixel, the Rainbowl Palette Production uses the elements of Art [Space, Form, Texture, Line, Shape and Value] to tell a story, send a message, support a cause, or last but not least, to teach a Scientific principle


Painting with “Petal, Palate and Palette” is a unique and innovative genre. It combines literary, numerical, artistic and Scientific genres in a single production to tell one story, send one message and support one cause, in Global context, across all geographic, cultural, linguistic, political and religious borders.


        Defining the Rainbowl Palette ["Petal, Palate and Palette"] Production:


       Any artistic and aesthetic creation

  • That is characterized by the harmonious integration of sound, colour, taste, fashion, human rhythm [dance] and letters/numbers
  • Where music is the principal component
  • That has exchange value in monetary terms, in the open market

Producing is defined as: The act and art of creating and producing a work [= an entertainment specific product] of literature or art using various aesthetic elements


The Categories – The Creativity Trilogy:

  • Labōrātōria mūsica: The Science and Art of Painting with Sound, colour, movement and fashion to please [= positively affect] the human senses [Creating music where emotion is expressed through basic notes, colors, letters and numbers, taste and movement]. where music is the principal component

Exemplum.  Participants have to undertake an musical design and apply (= problem solving) assignment that relates to (i) creativity of thought and (ii) the innovative application of technology: The Algorhythm Project: Octave Algorithm [Octave = series of eight notes in musical scale + Algorithm = a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps, as for finding the greatest common divisor.

  • Teatro Scientiae [Science Theatre]: The Science and Art of Performing, combining knowledge with colour, sound, movement

Exemplum.  Create a modern dance aesthetic that (i) addresses major moral and social questions. (ii) portrays a specific aspect of the Sciences

  • Theātrum Culinaria: The Art of [Sophisticated] Food Serving  - The production of a sophisticated meal   [cordon blue etc] - The Science and Art of Food Serving, combining taste with colour, sound, movement

Exemplum.  Medieval Food Feastival – Plan and prepare a sophisticated meal where ancient/traditional methods and ingredients are used to create a nutritious modern meal






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