Evaluation of Kontext Musik Productions

Evaluating Kontext Musik [Rainbowl Palette] Production:


The Assessment and Evaluation Kontext Musik [Rainbowl Palette] Production are done by a panel of practicing professionals with international standing in the Entertainment and Music industries.


International accreditation and endorsement is a critical aspect of the evaluation of productions as it is the showcase of profession specific attribute development


Judging/Evaluation Categories:

  1. Lyrics and sheet music have to be relevant and have to convey a appropriate message
  2. Instruments and the use of related technology have to display technical musical artistry
  3. The use and harmonious integration of sound, colour, taste, fashion, movement [dance] and letters/numbers
  4. Performance: The artists [entertainers, musicians, performers] have to display (i) stage presence of a high standard and (ii) profession specific assertiveness
  5. Application of Information/Communication/Educational Technology including software programmes

Judging/Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Creative/Innovative Thinking: 20%
  2. Technical invention: 20%
  3. Cohesion in presentation between 1(a), 1(b) and 1(c): 20%
  4. The intensity of the production in terms of focus: 20%
  5. General impression within the 2(a) to 2(d) framework: 20%



Paul Kenny [ B.S.B.A., B.A. (Mus.), B.A. (M.T.), A.Mus. (A.T.C.U.), L.Comp. (A.S.M.C.), F.A.S.C., F.C.S.M., F.A.G.C.M., M.I.M.T., A.S.M.E., Senior Registered Member of Tasmanian Music Teachers Association (TMTA)], Australian Composer, Pianist, music therapist and entrepreneur of international standing, is a senior member of the International Standards and Ethics Commission and international judge of the InniíCity Super Music Laboratory Challenge.

As senior judge and advisor, Paul will assist with the allocation of the Super 10 Music Laboratory Music Innovation Awards






 Adrian  Meyer, Programme Director, is the Convener of the InniíCity Innovation Feastival Panel of Judges



















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