Global Risk and Opportunity Index - ROI

Functional & Sustainable Income Opportunity Index [FS.IOI]


FS.IOI is – in essence – an Income Opportunity Creation and Management System for emerging business designers and entrepreneurs within profession-specific context.


It is an Interactive Database/Web solution for Business Design, specifically profession-specific income generating opportunities, where the focus is on

  • The design and rating of products and services. Included in this section is the international endorsement and accreditation of the products in terms of inter alia,
    • Artistic/Creative Value [Originality],
    • Market Value [“Shop-shelve” Demand]
    • Quality of design and manufacture [Including quality guarantee]
    • Copyright and all other relevant rights
  • The development of Inter-nation and International markets [= Global for products and services networking infrastructure] inter alia:
    • Food and Nutrition, including Culinary Design
    • Textures, including Fashion Design
    • Artistic Creation and Design, inter alia:
      • Visual Arts
      • Food [Culinary] Art
      • Jewelry Design
      • Flower Art
      • Sculpting
      • Sand Art and Rock Art
      • Dramatic Arts [Eg theatre]
      • Music
      • Word Art [Eg Poetry and story writing]
      • Human Movement [Dance]
    • Technical [Engineering] Invention, inter alia model rocketry sets, model satellite sets, robot sets, model aircraft sets
    • Materials and sets for games, competitions and challenges  that promote attribute development
  • The development of Design Studio’s and Manufacturing Laboratories [“Desktop Studio’s and Labs”] for emerging achievers and leaders
  • The establishment of EduDevelopment Practices and international networks for Attribute Development Practitioners [ADP’s] who act as profession-specific advisor [coach, tutor, instructor etc] with international standing

The database contains critical information about the development for the successful development of micro-businesses in the modern technology [= IT] driven “Slingbag/Mobile” Economy on Village level.


Attribute development of both (a) emerging achievers and leaders and [(b) attribute development practitioners [ADP’s] is directly linked to the official Career Prediction and Achievement Tracking [C.PAT] Programme of the NYDT  




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