Interpretation of Kontext Musik Themes

Interpretation of the Rainbowl Theme is by the following means:


The Rainbowl Palette Production focuses on (i) Innovation and (ii) the 8-D [8-dimensional] profession-specific development of emerging achievers and leaders in the Creativity Sciences [Including Performance and Entertainment]


  1. Theme Selection:  Step 1 is the selection of a relevant topic or theme. It may be in the form of a legend, a poem, an ode or an essay. It may be a cause. It may be a cause or a Scientific principle. The key to the successful presentation is in The Script.
  2. The Script (i) outlines - on paper - the theme [The Story] and the various components of the production, and (ii) instructs the various actors and role-players what to do, and what not to do.
  3. Story Telling: The storyteller tells The Story, and fills the audience in on continuous basis, combining and integrating visuals, sound and movement to form a single harmonious composition
  4. The Lyrics [Words] of the songs convey the story message in dramatized format
  5. The Melody [Sheet music] is the “bridge’ between The Story, The Lyrics and The Musicians who have to produce the instrumental sounds in a harmonious way
  6. The Instruments – Sounds generate emotions and motivate people. Sound is probably the most influential of the senses. Sound is therapeutic …
  7. Instrument Masters brings the instruments to life, harmonizing words with metal and wood 
  8. The Voices. Vocal interpretation of The Story by soloists and choirs is a key contributing mechanism of harmony
  9. The Dance as “human rhythm” portrays emotion and is an important physical method of telling The Story.
  10. Art is a powerful storyteller. Vision is - together with sound - two critical influential influencers of the senses.
  11. Fashion and Texture [Styleography] to tell story: Red Line Fashion line complements the central story line/theme, using words, numbers and colours
  12. The Modeling: Catwalk models tell The Story using dress and body language
  13. The Message Wall is the 6-Dimensional artistic “wormhole” in which spacetime connects all components of The Story on The Wall: Digital screens at various locations, interconnected to live stages and canvas walls tell The Story interactively via live streaming to audiences in the artistic universe. The Story continues at schools and in communities on canvas walls and “brick and mortar” walls.



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