The Rainbowl Art Wall

The Inni’City Innovation Feastival celebrates the talents and achievements of artists, albeit visual and/or performing.


The [digital] Rainbowl Art Wall displays the artistic creations and designs of all established and emerging artists, including illustrators, poets, songwriters, musicians and photographers. The work of culinary artists and even artists who paint with flowers on integrated basis.


Any artist may “paint” on the Rainbowl Wall on ongoing basis within Petal, Palate and Palette context, and the work of participating artists may form part of our Rainbowl Productions, specifically during our Gala event [5 to 7 October, 2012]


We also hope to establish Canvas Art Walls at schools and at other relevant locations in various countries to tell stories and carry messages to communities across the World. In this way we hope to “publish” the creations and designs of artists across all cultural, geographic and political borders




The WALL ...  Dr Jeff Bennett, author of the Max Goes to the Moon series, lecturing students on teechnical aspects of the Production




Digital Art Studio for Emerging Artists


Emerging artists do not have an international forum where their work can be appreciated and/or assessed.


The Inni’City Rainbowl Art Wall creates the opportunity to them - specifically those at school level who do not have funding for international marketing -  to participate in the Inni’City Feastival




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