Situation Critical R & D Programme

Our Situation Critical Research and Development Programme focuses on issues of national, international and Global relevance. 


Situation Critical ... focuses on the modern knowledge [= Science] based approach to Problem Solving and Prevention as a Science:

  • Defining and outline the problem area in accurate terms
  • Analyze the causes and circumstances surrounding the problem as accurately and comprehensively as possible
  • Determine the relevancy and priority of the problem as well as its sub-problems [= problem group], in Global terms
  • Investigate – by using Algorhythm – various problem solving options
  • Design a Solutions Model that will prevent the re-occurrence of the problem[s]
  • Design a System that contains
    • horizontal and vertical solutions and deterrents [= preventatives] 
    • guiding criteria for  the identification of areas of concern, before it develops into problem areas 



Global Achievers and Leaders 2030: Situation Critical/Extreme Science Based Competition


International Science Based Problem Solving Competition for students and Attribute Development Practitioners


Introduction and background:

Three factors have significant influence on Planet Earth:

  • Global Population Growth. It can be postulated that – within a few decades – the Global population will not be able to sustain itself in terms of food production and health care. The following factors, caused by human populations, affect human existence on Earth:
    • Pollution and unmanageable waste production
    • Food shortages: Global food security is affected by the fact that (i) not enough food is produced for all people living presently, and (ii) unacceptable levels of food waste exist.
    • Water shortages: Global clean water resources are not managed well to secure enough water for future generations
    • Over-utilization of strategic Global resources such as trees, minerals, clean water and unpolluted air
    • Human and demographic factors such as
      • Overpopulation, 
      • Lack of housing for all people, 
      • Global unemployment and the lack of job creation, 
      • Lack of sufficient quality education in developing countries,    
      • Lack of Global workplace skills development [including leader skills development], (vi) Extreme poverty,      
      • Global crime and corruption, 
      • People displaced due to disaster and [inter-nation] conflicts and wars [refugees/exiles],  
      • Political and religious intolerance,
      • Serious/Contagious disease/Epidemic   
      • The increasing number of persons living with affected ability due to injury [accidents and political conflict], chemical causes and genetic factors.
  • Natural disasters. Disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, drought/desertification, extreme flooding, natural fires and meteorite strikes have significant impact on human Global Prosperity
  • The Cost of Global Crises: Global Prosperity is severely affected by factors mentioned and combinations of the factors described here-above. The cost of solving problems and crisis situations caused by the factors mentioned already exceed the funding that can be generated by a combined effort of all Governments. 

The Global situation is worsening by the day, and impacts on social, economic, political, as well as international affairs in Global context. Serious questions must be asked about the year 2030: What will be the situation then?


OPTIONS FOR SURVIVAL: The Search for Solutions in the Global Quest for Prosperity


Two factors are the determinates in the search for Global solutions: (i) Quality of Leadership and (ii) Technology Development.


Achiever and Leader development: The 1st Solution for Global Problems.

To address Global problems that exist now, and will be worse in 20 year’s time, the international community just has to combine all resources and coordinate the development of future generations of achievers and leaders who should be equipped with the necessary problem solving attributes.

  • The development of future achievers and leaders should start at early age level
  • Schools across the Globe should work together by designing mutually beneficial and relevant programmes, projects and events


Technology Development: The 2nd Solution to Global Problems.

All Professions have to work together in a combined effort to develop technologies and establish data bases of information that will contribute towards Global Prosperity


These are highly specialized areas of development and can only be implemented successfully through Global cooperation between all sectors of the Global Community:

  • Equitable Resourcing:  Global resources, including funding, knowledge and technology should be applied equitably and efficiently.
  • This process has to start at community level in all countries as it is the most critical building block of Global Prosperity: Schools are the starting blocks.



Courage and Competitiveness are critical components of achiever and leader development. These are essential attributes for successful leadership in Global context.


Successful achievers and leaders are all Masters in Problem Solving: The Situation Critical/Extreme Scientific Problem Solving Competition has therefore been designed as EduDevelopment Mechanism to develop the attributes required for Global achiever and leaders development at school level.


Basic Outline:

  • Participating interns [students] are required to
    • Undertake a research project in respect of the nominated situational leadership positions
    • Identify and analyze the attributes required for the practicing professionals mentioned in the scenarios
    • Make recommendations in respect of implementation strategies and mechanisms that apply to future achiever and leader development in Global context
  • Rules of the Competition are contained in a separate schedule that may be obtained from the Competition Manager  



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