International Career Feastival [ICF]

The following events have been included in the International Careers Feastival [ICF] schedule for 2012:


April 2 to 7 [2012]: The New Frontiers Career Academy Creativity Feastival:


The Creativity Feastival is the 2012 EduDevelopment skills “carnival” for the Creativity Sciences [The Arts and Culture] as well as the Performing- and Entertainment Professions


Its principal objectives are:

  • The profession-specific attribute development of emerging achievers and leaders
  • The training of Attribute Development Practitioners [ADP’s] and the establishment of ADP practices for the various professions

The ICF is linked to the Inni’City innovation Feastival.


June 25 July 14: The New Frontiers Career Academy Engineering Feastival:


The 2012 Feastival for Engineering Disciplines is taking place from Monday 25 June, to July 14.


The following disciplines are represented:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Transportation [Aerospace, Land and Maritime] Engineering, including the “Aeronaut Olympics”
  • Astronautical Engineering [Model Rocketry and Model Satellites]
  • Automation [Robotics and Mechatronics] Engineering
  • Military, Defense and Security Engineering
  • Computer and Software Engineering
  • Energy, Environmental and Agricultural Engineering
  • Structural [Incl Architectural] Engineering
  • Medical and Clinical Engineering
  • Online Video Streaming and Internet Radio Engineering 

December 8 to 15: The New Frontiers Career Academy Advanced Skills Boot Camp:


The 10+ Advanced Skills “Boot Camp” for specialized professions is scheduled for December 10 to 16.

Pre-selected Interns take part in a specialized attribute development training programme for the “advanced” professions:

  • Emerging Astronauts
  • Emerging Fighter Pilots
  • Emerging Special Forces Soldiers
  • Emerging Emergency Room Staff [Including brain/heart surgeons]



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