The IDEALs Directorate

The IDEALs Directorate is responsible for the identification of criteria and guidelines for the following:

Academic standards of the NYDT’s EduDevelopment Programme to ensure international endorsement and accreditation

  • The identification, selection and development of Attribute Development Practitioners [ADP’s]
  • The assessment of international Science based activity [SciBA] for the C.PAT Programme, to ensure that the C.PAT programme endorses and  promotes only internationally accredited SciBA
  • Advice in respect of the IDEALs Institute’s support structures for emerging achievers and leaders, eg
    • REFES Project Registration Desk
    • Rights Protection Programme
    • Register of Scientific Discovery and Inventions
  • Advice in respect of entrepreneurial development of affiliated interns and ADP’s
  • Advice in respect of the Preservation Fund for affiliated interns and ADP’s
  • Advice in terms of the Investment : Achievement Ratio of all parties with an invested interest in the Programme:
    • Interns
    • Parents
    • ADP’s
    • Communities
    • Schools
    • Corporate investors
    • Tertiary institutions





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