Inni’City Art Exhibition and Artist Interviews

The Global StudioNET has been designed to contribute towards the promotion of art related genres and studios, opening virtual windows across the World for enthusiasts to become aware of artists … and collect their work.


We have set up an annual international Inni’City Innovation Feastival where the work of Global StudioNET affiliated artists may be exhibited in real time, and digitally through the Art Wall [= The “Cyber Art City”]:

  • Amateur artists - including  emerging artists who are still at school - needs a forum where their work can be displayed publicly, and where their studios can be promoted.  An important component of the StudioNET  initiative is the linking of participating artists’ personal web sites containing their personal exhibitions are found to a World-wide audience.
  • For artists who do not have web site based exhibitions – specifically school level artists – the Inni’City Feastival has become a Global cyber-studio where their work to be exhibited

The Inni’City Feastival objective is to stream interviews with exhibiting artists live to audiences in other cities in South Africa and across the World

  • Artists in South Africa may exhibit their work live at the theatre, and it will be visible on the Inni’City Art Wall to audiences  at other locations and in other countries. Interviews with SA artists will also be steamed live to other locations in South Africa
  • Artists in other countries may exhibit their work live, or digitally.

The exhibition will also be recorded in DVD and/or Blu-ray format for educational and commercial purposes.


The Inni’City digital art exhibition is a unique and pioneering  venture in international context, but indications are already that it will be successful.


Exhibition fees:

  • Artists who exhibit their work digitally via the Art Wall will not pay any fees, but a donation is optional if any works are sold during the feastival and/or afterwards. Proceeds from the sale of art will be used for charitable purposes in terms of tax laws, as te Inni’City/Global StudioNET organization is an NGO and registered Public Benefit Organization. The beneficiaries are emerging artists in any country.
  • Artists who exhibit their work live have to pay a predetermined fee to carry the cost of the exhibition at the theatre.




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