IBIF - International Business Investment Fund

The International Business Investment Fund [I.B.I.F.] was establishment by the NYDT to support and sustain profession-specific career prediction in South Africa, Africa and affiliated partners in countries on other Continents. The I.B.I.F is an integral part of the Junior International Business School Programme.



Due to factors such as (i) Global demographics, (ii) the changing state of World economics, (iii) rapidly changing natural habitats, and (iv) last, but probably the most important factor, Globalization as a result of technology development, the World itself has become a rapidly changing working environment.


The Global profile of the World’s citizens are changing, as well as the profession-specific attributes they need to survive in a World where technology has become “a run-away speed train”.


We observe and recognize the disappearance of traditional “jobs” and careers, but see more “new ones” appearing: Shop-shelve magazines, for instance, have become cyber-space trade centres and mobile phone apps have become marketing agents.


For emerging achievers and leaders in any field of knowledge or profession to be competitive in Global context, it is absolutely critical to stay on the “cutting edge” of profession-specific invention and innovation, and to develop new technologies continuing basis.


A critical aspect is this: politicians’ emphasize  job creation” as the “amen solution” to “battle and eradicate unemployment”. But “job creation” will definitely not per se eliminate unemployment. Product design and markets development will however be a significantly more effective strategy.


Industry experts are of the opinion that the World Community have to create “jobs” for 1,2 billion young people in the next decade.


Internationally the concepts of Retrofitting [= adding new skills to existing jobs] and Blending [= combining different skills and functions from different jobs or industries to create new specialties] are developing.


The future of The Youth of the World depends on the Professions working with them in the design and development of relevant products and markets. The internet, [= “social networks” such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter], “hardware” and software products that are more easily down-loadable by the day, have become The Big Influencers of Today’s Youth.  


The three “Kingmakers” that are changing formal education across the World are

  • Profession-specific Knowledge
  • Mobile Technology, and
  • Bread-and-Butter Money.

Another critical Global factor – officially recognized as a key [Global] issue - is the widening “rich-poor gap”. It is already beginning to hit the World’s largest and most influential economies


There is no smoking gun solution for this …


There can be no doubt that (i) the Science and Practice of Business Design, where strong focus is on profession-specific product[s]/market[s] development, and (ii) profession-specific career prediction are critical supporting infrastructural elements for career path development: It holds the key to the inner door of future Global Youth Development.


To be successful, emerging business designers [= entrepreneurs] have to participate actively in Global markets, trading across international and inter-nation borders. This necessitates the establishment of an internationally accredited and endorsed fund that supports the development and protects the interests of participating achievers who are under age.




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