I.B.I.F. Investment/Business Accounts

Establishing an Investment/Business Bank for Business Design Hub Schools and individual Emerging Business Designers [Entrepreneurs] in Global context:

Raison d'etre / Cause for Existence of the I.B.I.F.:

A clear and significant need exists for the establishment and professional management of investment in (i) Business Design hub schools, and (ii) emerging individual Business Design, in a Global corporate environment.

A key aspect is the sustainable development, manufacture, marketing and supply of profession-specific products, services and/or events to supply/sustain the demands of micro-level consumer and industrial markets across international borders


Definition / Outline of the I.B.I.F.:

The I.B.I.F. represents a specific discipline of international investment based banking that is directly related to the management of Invested Interests by investors in profession-specific Attribute Development:

  • The securing of cash investments for beneficiaries [= schools and individual under-age emerging business designers (= entrepreneurs)] - within a framework of Non-Governmental and Public Benefit transactions - in Inter-Nation context
  • The management of Cash & Credit-only transactions within the framework of profession-specific attribute development in various participating countries.
  • The provision of supervision, guidance and mentorship - in respect of Taxpayer-to-Community and Corporate Investor-to-Community benefits - to both investors and beneficiaries - in Inter-Nation context:
    • Cash investments in profession-specific product development
    • School-to-Corporate dealings and transactions
    • Attribute Development Practitioners [ADP]: ADP Practice-to-school and Inter-ADP Practice dealings and transactions
    • Legal aspects, including taxes, imports & exports and international currencies that relate to 2.c(i) to 2.c(iii)

Mission / Strategic Objectives of the I.B.I.F. Programme:

  • To contribute towards the establishment of
    • Business Design hub schools in various countries, to support the development of emerging achievers and leaders [= entrepreneurs]
    • Business/Investment bank accounts to protect the financial interests of hub schools as well as emerging achievers and leaders [= entrepreneurs]
    • A regulated and sustainable Investment Corridor between Investors and Beneficiaries, in international context
  • To create funding for the establishment of a high-technology Global environment to support internationally accredited and endorsed, profession-specific attribute development, assessment and certification:  
    • The development of sustainable [“Green”] economies in schools in under-resourced communities on all the Continents.
    • The design of opportunities for emerging achievers to participate in internationally endorsed and accredited Competitive International Science Based [SciBA.COM] activities, such as games, competitions, challenges and festivals in various countries.

I.B.I.F. Investor Categories:

The I.B.I.F. facilitates and accommodates Inter-Nation investment for development of Business Design by

  • Emerging Achievers and Leaders in the field of Business Design [= entrepreneurs]
  • Parents of Emerging Achievers and Leaders
  • Corporate Investors
  • Ad hoc investors, eg International Friends of [the Schools] 

I.B.I.F. Beneficiary Categories:

  • Category 1 - Business Design Hub Schools have I.B.I.F. Business/Investment Accounts to support and manage business design [= Entrepreneurship] initiatives at the schools.
  • Category 2 - I.B.I.F. Interns [= entrepreneurs] have personal Business/Investment Accounts to support their individual business design programmes
  • Participation aspects:
    • Supervised Group Age: Early age to age 16
      • No withdrawals unless with special merit
    • Mentored group Age: 17 to 21
      • Functional withdrawals for business design purposes [Eg internships in Europe, Australia or the USA]
  • Category 3 - Attribute Development Practitioners [ADP’s] have I.B.I.F. Business/Investment Accounts to support
    • Their individual business design [= Entrepreneurship] initiatives
    • Mentorship, tuition and supervision activities that relate to EduDevelopment [Profession-specific attribute development] of I.B.I.F. interns.

I.B.I.F. Implementation on Strategic [Global] Level:

  • A Global Investment Community is established to support the establishment of Business Design Hub Schools in countries where the need for such schools exists
  • Business Design Hub Schools are beneficiaries in a Global Prosperity Programme to create wealth: the establishment of “green” economies at the schools [I.e. Solar power, water recycling and waste management]
  • Hub Schools and/or individual beneficiaries are affiliated to the Competitive International Science Based Activity [SciBA.COM] Circuit. This includes travel and accommodation costs required for participating in-, and attending international SciBA on various Continents.
  • Hub Schools and individual beneficiaries are beneficiaries in the International Township Theatre or Classroom Theatre Programme for visiting tourists [= The Rainbowl Safari Programme]

I.B.I.F. Implementation on Tactical [“School Yard & Classroom”] Level:

  • The design and development of whole-school logistics, infrastructure and resources that generate funding for hub schools’ Business Schools and its Investment/Business Accounts:
    • Design studios linked to the Global StudioNET initiative [Including art, music, dance, modeling, photography, technology design], for instance T-Shirt design and Rainbowl Palette Productions, live and/or recorded
    • Research and Development Laboratories for products such as Arts and Crafts, and memorabilia for international tourists
    • Food gardens and kitchens 
    • Flower gardens [Including endangered indigenous plants]
  • The development of individual (i) Design Studios and/or (ii) Research and Development Laboratories for registered I.B.I.F. interns [= entrepreneurs]

Management of the I.B.I.F.:

  • The I.B.I.F. will be managed by practicing professionals and industry experts with international standing, within the official framework of international and national legislative criteria of participating countries.  
  • Investment/Business Accounts for Business Design Hub Schools and Emerging Business Designers in participating countries will be established and managed in partnership with licensed and approved service providers in the International Financial Management Industry.
  • I.B.I.F. related Investment will be measured in terms of an Investment:Achievement Ratio where the formula is: The Value of the Invested Amount is smaller than The Value of the Achievement [vI ‹ vA]....



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