Rainbowl Village Idols

The Rainbowl Village Idols Programme aims to identify the top emerging achievers in the various professions involved in the production of Song, Dance and Drama [SDD] Productions where Art, Music, Dance and Fashion within a DIID framework are the key components.


There are 12 Categories in the Rainbowl Village Idols Programme:

  • Production [Off-stage] Crew:
    • Production
    • Scriptwriting
    • Choreography
    • Artistic Design: Décor/Stage Design
    • Fashion Design [Fabric]**
    • Photography/Videography
    • Music Production:
      • Songwriting
      • Composing [Songwriting. Musical adaption, sheet music]
  • On-Stage Cast:
    • Storytelling [Acting] – virtual/real time
    • Singing  [solo, choir, band]
    • Instrumentals
    • Dancing
    • Standard routines
    • Gymnastic [Acrobatic] routines
    • Free routines
    • Modeling [Fashion Models]**

      The Rainbowl Fashion Pageant and Spice Odyssey are part of the Village Idols Programme


Critical Selection Factors:


Section 1:  Personal Portfolio

Criteria are profession-specific [Relating directly to (a) personal attributes and (b) profession-specific achievements] within a framework of international accreditation and endorsement

  • Personal Attributes:  Genetic predisposition, intuitive achievement, assisted /guided achievements, abilities and skills complex
  • Personal Credentials:  Official internationally/nationally accredited qualifications [Assisted and spontaneously obtained]
  • Practical Experience:  Proven experience [Does not include attendance of events]
  • Personal Achievements in preferred category [On-stage and off-stage]: 

Section 2: Creativity Portfolio with DIID as Foundation of Profession-specific Achievements 

  • Creative Design
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Technical Invention
  • Scientific Discovery

Award Categories [2]:

  • Top emerging achiever in each category 12] 
  • Top 3 achievers [Gold, silver, bronze awards]


Awards [All categories]:

  • Certificate of Achievement [Gold-, Silver-, Bronze status]:
    • Top 3 achievers in each category
    • Top 3 overall achievers [All categories considered]
  • 12 International Internships: the top emerging achievers in each category will receive an invitation to participate as intern in the International Rainbowl Palette Programme, specifically  as member of the Rainbowl Production Company.
  • The names of the top 12 achievers will be entered in the C.PAT career Prediction Programme, each with a Gold level recommendation to the benefit of universities, colleges and future employers
  • Top Achievers  to receive invitation to participate in the final Challenge on 28 September 2012  during the Inni’City Innovation Festival at The Village Theatre [Atterbury Theatre/Stephnies/Tribeka @ Lynnwood Bridge].

Application Procedure:

  • Posting of Auditions: Candidates are invited to audition per YouTube
  • Content: Candidates and applicants
    • Production [Off-stage] Crew: Portfolio containing critical selection factors [See here-above] to be sent to nydt@mweb.co.za
    • On-stage Cast:


  • Phase 1: Preliminary Judging [YouTube] -  Judging of Village Idols candidates to be done on the Internet by a panel of international judges of international standing in various countries
  • Phase 2: July Rehearsal Camp -  A panel of local judges
  • Phase 3: Final judging at Village Theatre [Atterbury Theatre/Stephnies/Tribeka] to be done by invited guests at Stephnies, Tribeca. Final moderation to be done by a panel of judges who will be present during final performance in Village Theatre
  • The Fashion Pageant of the Village Idols Challenge [= top emerging RP fashion designers] will participate in the final performance at Village theatre


  • Last date for YouTube posting [Internet]: 31 July 2012
  • Live auditions [Pretoria]: June 25 to July 13 - Location to be confirmed
  • July Rehearsal Camp [Pretoria] - Location / Dates to be confirmed
  • Announcement of Top 12 Emerging Achievers [Village Idols]: 31 July  2012
  • The selected nominee Village Idols [Including the Fashion Pageant] to participate live in the final on 28 September 2012 at Atterbury Theatre/Stephnies during the Table 4 6 Champions for Industry Dinner at Stephnies

Registration/Administration Fee:

  • Fee payable for participation in the Village Idols Challenge: R50 [International participants pay fee agreed on by local organizers]
  • Participation in the Career Predictor Programme of the National Youth Development Trust [NYDT] requires the following:
    • Registration of a personal Design Studio that is affiliated to Global StudioNET
    • Formal affiliation to the Junior Business School [Junior Business Design Programme] and the registration of a personal Business Development/Investment Account [The account is managed by Sanlam].
    • Fee for 2(a) and (2b): R100 per month.
  • Each Intern has a free web site for his/her Design Studio

Registration: Send notice of intention to:

Mention Name, Age, Category and Contact Address


Full information will be sent to applicants/candidates



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