- Protocol: International Career Prediction

The Career Predictor Programme has been designed as functional international solution for accurate and cost effective profession-specific career path development in under-resourced communities: A Model for Future EduDevelopment in the face of various Global factors:

  • Negative factors: (a) sub-standard education, specifically creative illiteracy, (b) a lack of profession-specific training at school level and (c) the surge in Youth Unemployment.
  • Positive factors: (a) Globalization in terms of technology development, (b) Global inter-connectivity in respect of communications and profession-specific Knowledge

The critical components of the Career Predictor Programme are the following:


The system has been developed to provide a functional and cost effective enabling mechanism for career path development by emerging achievers and leaders


A thorough audit is done to determine, measure and certify the personal and profession-specific (a) attributes and (b) achievements of potential and emerging achievers and leaders in any participating country within a framework of internationally accredited and endorsed criteria.


The principal objective of the programme is to establish emerging achievers and leaders as competitive in Global context, with the focus on profession-specific attributes and achievements.


The term Profession-specific Attributes has been defined to include the Knowledge, Abilities, Skills and Experience a person needs to be successful in a given profession or career.  Profession-specific Achievements are the direct result, as well as an integral part, of the personís career path development:

  • A key aspect of the programme is that a personís born-with attributes are considered. Here a personís genetic predisposition, specifically his/her Emotional Quotient [EQ] is a key component.
  • The 2nd key component is the personís spontaneous and intuitive development from an early [pres-school] age.
  • The 3rd key component is the degree and level of spontaneous self-development of the person, which is very closely linked to his/her EQ [From early age to post-school level]. 
  • The 4th key component is the personís ability to acquire profession-specific skills on advanced level.

These 4 aspects are the determining factors that determine whether a person is (a) an emerging achiever and leader or (b) a follower.


The Programme is an Equilibrium Mechanism to enable persons who live and go to school in under-resourced countries, countries effected by natural disasters and war, to develop, as far as profession specific attribute development, on the same level as those [persons] in well resourced and developed countries.


The Programme creates an EduDevelopment Corridor as it provides a conduit for Career Development Guides such as educators, coaches, instructors, mentors and tutors with international standing who act as Attribute Development Practitioners [ADPís], channeling knowledge to countries and villages where resources are needed.


EduDevelopment consists of 6 Creative Literacy Chambers for Creative Design, Innovation Thinking, Technical Invention and Scientific Discovery [DIID]:

  • Chamber 1: Application of Academic principles of the Gateway Subjects [Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Economics]
  • Chamber 2: Scientific Discovery Ė adding to the universal data base of The Sciences
  • Chamber 3: Technical Invention
  • Chamber 4: Innovative thinking, specifically in terms of Scientific & Algorithm based problem solving  and system design
  • Chamber 5: Business Design Ė Wealth Creation & Management, Entrepreneurial Acumen, and Executive Management]
  • Chamber 6: Internationally accredited Standards & Ethics in respect of programme, project and event design

EQ development is the foundation of profession-specific development, with Business Design and Information Technology [IT] as pillars


Measurement and Certification


The Profession-specific Competency Certification of emerging achievers is a crucial aspect as far as the Global Competitiveness of emerging achievers and leaders is concerned.


The participation and cooperation of practicing professionals and industry experts are required to establish a uniform, moderated set of criteria for the various professions and industries.


Criteria for development and measurement are determined and set by practicing professionals and industry experts in two dimensions:

  • Dimension 1: International - Across cultural, social and religious borders [Including language groups]
  • Dimension 2:  Inter-professional - To include criteria as required by the various professions and industries.

Logistical and Infrastructural Support:


An integrated system has been created to create and sustain and financial and technical support for the Career Prediction Programme:

  • The C.PAT Web solution as ďskills fingerprintingĒ [Software] Programme to support profession-specific Career Prediction and Achievement Tracking under the guidance of practicing professionals and industry experts of international standing.
  • The Wealth Creator & Manager Web solution [Software] Programme to support the development and management of the products of-, and markets for-, emerging entrepreneurs. These include art based products, eg visual arts, songwriting and music, fashion and dance [= human rhythm]. This also under the guidance of practicing professionals and industry experts of international standing.
  • The International Business Investment Fund [I.B.I.F.] has been established to sustain the Career Prediction Programme in the various participating countries.
  • An internationally accredited awards system for both emerging achievers and leaders and Career Guides [ADPís]





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