Building A Global Innovation City



Working Towards a Century of Prosperity ….



Tomorrow’s Prosperity

is built with

Today’s Innovation and Investment



The development, implementation and sustainable management of a Global Vision is the most fundamental component of Global Prosperity.  Various elements form the essence of such a Vision:

  • [Global] Relevance
  • [Global] Functionality
  • [Global] Sustainability
  • [Global] Connectivity
  • [Global] Commitment
  • [Globally] Accredited and Endorsed Content

Inni’City: The Mathematics and Mechanics of Global Prosperity

The World is a kaleidoscope of nations, all with different cultures, religions, economic priorities, and diverse national ambitions and interests, but all with one common goal: Prosperity.


The NYDT Vision of a Global Innovation City with 1 World, 1 Vision as foundation is based on the following Mission: Tomorrow’s Prosperity is built with Today’s Innovation and Investment. The building blocks are:

  •  The mobilization of 1 Million Emerging Professionals [Achievers and Leaders] who act as profession-specific corporate [= business] designers in at least 50 cities in 50 countries on all the Continents. The philosophy is: The successful professional [Engineer, pilot, medical doctor, artist, etc] also is a successful entrepreneur - “You can be [an engineer] one day, but you can be an entrepreneur today”  
  • Securing the functional participation of at least 300 educational institutions, youth organizations and corporate citizens within the framework of 200 career paths.
  • The training and activation of 200 Attribute Development Practitioners [ADP’s] to act as Profession-specific advisors [“skills coaches / mentors / instructors / tutors”] in the field of EduDevelopment.

Inni’City as virtual and real time “Global Community of Professions” is a global, diverse, albeit interactive and cooperative community of professions and professionals where Prosperity is the common goal.


Inni’City is the professional home of the emerging achiever and leader …


Infrastructure of the Global Innovation City

  • A Globally accredited and endorsed EduDevelopment Programme [Content] – The C.PAT Programme
  • A Global, interconnected Design Studio, where emerging professionals design and build the foundation for their future careers
  • A Global, interconnected Production Laboratory where the emerging professional produce his/her profession-specific products and services
  • A Global, interconnected Art, Music and Fashion Production Company where emerging professionals work within the context of “Where Science and Culture Meet”
  • A Global, interactive Attribute Development Event [Inni’City Innovation Feastival] where emerging professionals publicly showcase their artistic creativity, technical invention and innovative thinking.

Inni’Village: Crucible of Global Prosperity


“It takes A Village to Raise a Child”


At the heart of the Innovation City is The Village: As community of citizens and community organizations The Village is a fundamental component of the fabric of the Global Economy: The Village is the junction where the Slingbag/Mobile Economy of the emerging business designer [Entrepreneur] merges with the interconnected Global Economy






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