Peace Odyssey: Dance of the Stars

Here is the storyline for the Odyssey of Peace Rainbowl Production


Peace Odyssey: Dance of the Stars


Our future is written

on the pages of our past

in The Storybook of Peace. 

The story of our world is told through our eyes,

the story of our past

tells the story of the future of our children.

We are the Guardians of Peace,

our story must tell of love and wisdom … of peace.

Peace is The Pathway to our Future ….. pebbled with dancing stars:

Our children are the stars of our tomorrow, dancing in the heavens.

The peace of our time

is the guiding light

that shows our children the pathway

to their time when they are the Guardians

of their children’s future .


Shadows of War …

In wars among nations,

leaders do not fight for peace

they fight for power;

they use soldiers to kill mothers

and children

who do not want to fight.

Kill them

without looking into their eyes

where innocence is shining bright,

killing the dreams

of a peaceful tomorrow …

Children are the innocents.

We must not allow the blood of the innocents stain

the souls of those who guard the future of their children


Images of Tomorrow …

We are here … now, today.

Tomorrow we are gone.

But the stars will shine their Message of Peace for eternity,

travelling across the heavenly stage, through the ages,

playgrounds of peace for our children, and their children


Faces of Peace …

Let us teach our children to be Peace-makers. 

Let us give them the freedom

to carve out a pathway for peace amongst the stars

with goodwill and love

Let the stars of the heavens dance in the eyes of our children

…. forever … night and day


The Rainbow Peace Dance of the Stars


Look up …

See the lights of the stars on their eternal journey

gliding through the heavens


in their heavenly Odyssey of Peace,

too far to touch,

… but so close:

   listen to the drumbeat of the planets,

   feel the rhythm of the stars,

       on the heavenly stage

   … The Heartbeat of Space, our Rainbow Sky ….


The Rainbow Peace Dance of the Stars




© Copyright Reserved – Adrian S Meyer 2012



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