- Our unique character

We are a unique organization ... we want to be unique!


Our mission  is unique ....   The content of our Programme is unique in African context!

In Africa we face a number of serious problems.  To solve our problems we just have to think laterally, or "Out of the Box".


Our NYDT logo is unique. It was designed exclusively for us by Deon Stols, one of South Africa's most talented wild life artists.



Our method of operation is unique and innovative.

So are the titles of our programmes and projects. We sit down with our students and brainstorm names.


Here are a number of examples:


Boot Camp - "Bootloko"

When we designed the basic training concept of our Emerging Leaders Programme we decided on the "Boot Camp" concept. But, as the term "Boot Camp" is associated with "pain" and "suffering", we decided to name our Leadership Programme "Bootloko". Bootloko is a combination of the words "Boot" and the Sotho word for "pain" and "suffer".


Competitions, Contests, and Fairs - "Scikolo"

An integral part of our Programme focuses on assessment. It is our mission to create a Window of Opportunity for our students to start with career building at an early age. Assessment is essential for every student's rιsumι.


Achievement is obtained through (i) classroom based “testing” by teachers, as well as (ii) participation in competitions, contests, and fairs. In essence events such as these are education based activities [= schools].


Our NYDT assessment platform is titled ScikoloScikolo is a combination of the English word “Science” and the Sotho word for school, “sekτlτ”. Although the word is spelled Scikolo, the pronunciation will be “sekolo”.


Our Programme names

Our Programme names are unique:

1.    Aviation Science – Aeronaut Programme

2.    Space Science – Astronaut Programme

3.    Environmental Science – EcoGladiator Programme

4.    Medical Science – The AmaMuti Programme

5.    The Science of Money and Economy – The Finatics and AmaSjieling Programmes. This programme has a strong Consumer Science base

6.    The Photography programme – The AmaClickClick Programme

7.    The Microscopy Programme – The Micronaut Programme, or “Beyond the Naked Eye”

8.    The Archaeology [Heritage] Programme – From Stone Chip to Microchip

9.    The Chemistry Programme: The Chemistree or A CheMystery

10.   The Water Programme: The AquaNauts

11.   Information Technology and Computer Science: The CyberGladiator Programme

12.   Sport Science: The Competitor Programme

13.   Military Science: The Defendor Programme [Nicknamed "The AmaKierie"]

14.   Security Science: The Predictor Programme

15.  Health Science: The Vitality Program

16.  Entertainment Science: The Performer Program

17. Biological Science: The Body Mapping Program


Project Names:

It is part of our culture to select striking and fitting names for the NYDT projects:

  1. Leopards of Africa – Spots in the Dark
  2. Cats of Africa –  The Catastrofix
  3. Bats of Africa – The AcroBats
  4. Insects of Africa – The AmaGoggo
  5. The NYDT Diving Programme - The Amaphibians
  6. The Aeronaut Project for boomerangs - The AmaBoomBoom Project
  7. Technology for Persons with Disability: The Bundu Bike, or the AmaKrokko Kar [In South Africa, we refer to persons with disability as the “AmaKrokko” … a name that has become part of our National Pride …  and most of them like the name!] 


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