Odyssey of the Adventurers

The Adventure Science Programme of the NYDT has been developed to develop profession specific attributes of emerging achievers and leaders.


School students may attend Adventure Science camps in wilderness areas of South Africa and Africa to do adventure based research projects.


Areas of Research

The following camps have been scheduled:

  1. Heritage and history archaeology and paleontology
  2. Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Geology and Earth Science
  5. Astronomy and planetary science
  6. Aerospace design and flight
  7. Adventure and sport 

During the wilderness camps students also receive training in the principles of achievership and leadership.



Sea Rangers Adventure Camp - Knysna


Terraquavus is the  Extreme Adventure Internship of the NYDT. 


The Adrenaline CHALLENGE



This Internship is for senior students only and offers the opportunity to emerging leaders to learn and experience leadership in an exciting way.

Candidates who pass this programme will be good candidates for the NYDT programmes:

  • The ExSciTEEN Leadership Pageant
  • The Profession Ambassador Programme
  • The Emerging Astronaut Programme 
  • The Top Student Award.

The Top Junior Adventurers will receive awards, and the top candidate will receive the Junior Adventurer of the Year Award

The Terraquavus Internship consists of the following disciplines:

  1. Rock climbing and abseiling
  2. Snorkel and SCUBA diving
  3. Parachuting
  4. Caving and cave diving
  5. Survival exercise
  6. An extreme Science research project: Candidates for the Junior Adventurer of the Year Award have to analyze an aspect of extreme adventure and its relationship with leadership development



The cost of wilderness Science camps vary, and in each case a cost analysis is made to determine the expenses.


Schools and/or Science Clubs who wish to take trips to wilderness areas may contact the NYDT for assistance. Contact information of the NYDT available at http://www.nydt.org/home.asp?pid=184