Business Model Design – Follow the Money

Intelligent Business Model Design [IBMD] – FOLLOW THE MONEY


A Doomsday Scenario Awaits .....


Modern Global trends such as overpopulation, unemployment, food deserts, over-utilization of resources, massive pollution and waste production, as well as increasing inter-national conflict hold serious disaster potential for all World citizens. The cost of Global Living is increasingly becoming unmanageable and unaffordable.


Finding Pre-emptive and Sustainable Global Solutions

Top-down strategies, for instance “job creation” rely strongly on social investment by Governments, but can only be sustainable if enough resources are produced and managed properly. Which is not the case in most under-resourced countries where quality education is a key area of concern.


Creating welfare states is a curse rather than a blessing and establishes a Feed-Me demand culture. It just does not create wealth.


Bottoms-up solutions succeed where communities are active partners in the creation of wealth. This is an important key as far as Global Prosperity is concerned: Entrepreneurship is regarded by World leaders as probably the most important foundation block for Global Prosperity.


The opinion that entrepreneurship is a “local” or “community based” activity only is outdated. In modern times where Globalization has become a universal phenomena, there are 6 all-important success factors:

  • Internationally accredited EduDevelopment [The combination of education and profession specific training]
  • The availability of materials and resources. These include (i) an accommodating [= “friendly”] legal framework and (ii) an affordable banking system
  • The design and production of relevant (i) products and services, for (ii) markets [“No demand, no sale”]
  • The establishment of sustainable markets, in Global context
  • The formulation and implementation of effective marketing strategies
  • The creation of networks  

Business Science therefore should be regarded as a key area for Global Youth Development, with Entrepreneurial Expertise as essential component part of any school curriculum.


The FOLLOW THE MONEY Project focuses on Business Intelligence: The design and sustainable development of highly interconnected Village to Village trading on all the Continents, supported by Product Validation Programmes and Risk and Opportunity Index is the foundation of successful IBMD.