Inni'Village - Global Innovation Feastival


Inni'City: The Global Virtual City Where Science and Culture Meet … Celebrating Global Prosperity

The principal Mission of the multi-national Inni’City [“In the City”] Innovation Feastival event has been defined to concentrate on Global Prosperity development.     


The Inni’City Innovation Feastival concept has been developed to establish a Global Ambassadorial Community where all stakeholders and role-players have the opportunity to collaborate collectively as ambassadors in Mankind’s Quest for Global Prosperity, and emerging achievers and leaders may learn from mentors and practicing professions with global standing:




Tomorrow’s Prosperity

is built with

Today’s Innovation and Investment




Innovation is the key to Prosperity

  • Inni’City: Where Science and Culture Meet. Combining Science and technology with art, food and music, the  Inni’City concept creates the Foundation for Universal Friendship between various Nations and Peoples, across all borders and socio-political divisions.
  • Inni’School: School Communities are the hotbeds of Globalization, Inter-Nation Dependence and Technologization, the three inter-related forces which are significantly and increasingly changing the social and economic face and fate of the World Community.  
  • Inni'Office: Profession specific attribute development is the essence of achiever development, and positive, value-adding achievement is the foundation of leader development: The Inni’City Innovation Feastival creates opportunities for emerging achievers and leaders to meet practicing professionals, exchange knowledge, learn skills, and then apply and deploy attributes to contribute to Global Prosperity.