Career Prediction / Tracking Achievement

Career Predictor / Achievement Track [C.PAT] is an interactive, web based programme for school/college level achievers and leaders - across the World - that will enable them to

  • Record [online] their profession specific achievements, throughout their school- and post-school careers
  • Predict  [online] potential career paths for themselves
  • Analyze [online] profession specific attributes (abilities, skills etc] required by relevant Professions for their chosen career paths

The C.PAT Programme focuses on the various dimensions of EduDevelopment that relate to multi-disciplinary development:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Intuitive/Instinctive/Spontaneous [Early age] achievement
  • Guided achievement and attribute development
  • Self-developed achievement and attribute development
  • Advanced attribute development

The information contained in the C.PAT Programme relates to the strategic career paths and its relevant professions. It includes data in respect of profession specific attributes and attribute groups that form the foundation for the development of emerging professionals. Access to such information will contribute functionally to their efforts to establish them as competitive in Global context. 


C.PAT content is obtained through thorough, painstaking Scientific research, formal surveys, and experience based contributions by practicing professionals and industry experts.


The C.PAT Programme serves as reference point for the Professions: once the C.PAT database is fully operational, any university/college, bursary provider and employer will be able to request us to identify emerging achievers and leaders who have proven their leadership and achievership since early age. Once the identification and description of attribute groups for a specific profession is complete, C.PAT will then be able to identify appropriate candidates who possess a relevant “Profession Personality” through an “attribute fingerprinting” process.


Global Endorsement/Accreditation

For C.PAT to be internationally accredited and endorsed, 3 fundamental building blocks were establsihed:

  • Firstly, the participation of emerging achievers and leaders, in Global context. Without a representative number of participants from a representative number of countries, we will not be able to measure and moderate the achievements and attributes of emerging achievers and leaders - of any country - accurately.
  • Secondly. The same principle is valid in terms of consultation, content development and assessment: Without direct involvement in terms of the advice and assistance of practicing professionals, champions of industry, and advocates of excellence in a representative number of countries on all continents and across cultural borders, the Programme will have no Global relevance
  • The third building block is the direct involvement of practicing professionals [like you] of all relevant Professions

C.PAT Related Opportunities:

A critical aspect of the C.PAT Programme is Global accreditation and endorsement in terms of content.


We have therefore (i) Identified - across the World - existing profession specific programmes, projects, opportunities and games that allow emerging achievers and leaders to develop profession specific attributed and attribute groups.


Working with industry experts in various countries, we are designing programmes to supplement profession specific attribute development, and also on inter-profession basis where required. A unique feature of the C.PAT programme is that it has been designed to “bridge” - in Global context - the gap between

  • significantly under-resourced and well resourced communities
  • countries where the education systems are below international standards

These include - inter alia - the

  • New Frontiers Career Academy
  • Inni’City Innovation [“Where Science and Culture Meet”] Feastival and related initiatives such as the Rainbowl Palette [“Petal, Palate and Palette”] Programme.
  • Junior Business Executive/Entrepreneurship Programme as is embodied in the International Junior Business School [IJBS] initiative.

IJBS is a critical initiative:  This programme is - in our opinion - of Global interest. It is a very carefully considered and designed initiative to provide mechanisms for development in a World where Global Youth Unemployment and below-standard education have become a Global phenomena. 

Invitation to Contribute to the C.PAT Data base

Practicing professionals [Industry Experts, academics] are invited to contribute in the C.PAT Programme