EduDevelopment: Career Prediction

EduDevelopment: 8-Dimensional Achiever and Leader Development


Global challenges in modern times are affecting Global Prosperity, and require new thinking processes, new approaches and strategies, the development of new technologies, as well as the generation of new knowledge [= Science].


A new kind of visionary, Global leader is needed.


Global Trends and Demographics:

Mounting problems in the World require new teaching and training strategies.


Rapid Global population growth leads to several potential crisis areas:

A lack of education security in Global context has become an area of universal concern

The present high youth unemployment rate in Global context is reaching crisis proportions

  • A lack of suitable infrastructure for World class education is a 3rd serious issue in a significant number of under-resourced countries. 
  • The lack of access to basic necessities has become a 4th critical Global issue, and serious “Water & Wealth” related concerns in a significant number of countries are affecting the World Community as a whole: homelessness is becoming a serious Global problem

Global trends show that the World is rapidly developing into 3-storey, compartmentalized and unconnected Community consisting of Penthouse Dwellers [The Have-Alls], Basement Dwellers [The Have-Some’s] and Cave Dwellers [Have-Nothings] as principal groupings.


The Global Community is facing a dysfunctional future and functional intervention is an urgent necessity: The creation of a One Storey Global Village where all “dwellers” have reasonably equal access to vital necessities is an absolute pre-condition for Global Prosperity


Finding Practical Solutions

In present times the World population urgently needs well-designed solutions to address these issues. 


Profession specific attribute development with internationally accredited, multi-disciplinary achievement as foundation stone [“Kick-Start” Solution] for leader development, has become a very urgent Global requirement.


The establishment of “EduDevelopment” as the discipline and Science that focuses on multi-disciplinary, profession specific attribute development [and attribute group development] is a key “bridging” solution:

  • EduDevelopment creates Osmotic Funnels for the free-flow of functional K.S.E.T. [Knowledge, Skills, Experience and Technology], from high attribute concentration environments to low attribute level environments to achieve a balanced [= evenly resourced] Global teaching and learning community.
  • EduDevelopment is a Specialized Discipline that focuses on Profession Specific Attribute Development iro the K.S.E.T. principles:
    • The Attainment of Knowledge [= Memory based learning]
    • The development Skills
    • The gaining of Experience
    • Technological Invention: 
    • The functional management [= Understanding, appreciation and “handling”] of critical technologies
    • The design of new technologies, and the unique application of existing technologies
    • Key components of EduDevelopment are the accurate (i) measurement and (ii) tracking of profession specific attributes and achievements, and its publication in a Globally accessible data base
  • EduDevelopment promotes Global Prosperity in the Global Village by Bridging the following:
    • The knowledge, skills and experience gap [The K.S.E.T. Gap] between (i) School and Boardroom, and (ii) between countries [Education & Training Systems
    • The gap between (i) Academic Standards [= Education as in “theory”] and (ii) the practical application of theory in various countries
    • The Investment:Achievement gap
    • The gap between financial dependence and sustainable self-reliance [fiscal autonomy]
    • Entrepreneurial markets between communities in various countries
  • EduDevelopment specializes in the innovative development and utilization of infrastructure utilization and development [“Innovention”]
  • EduDevelopment does not only develop professionals [Such as Engineers], it also develops coaches, mentors and tutors for emerging professionals [Such as engineers]: the Attribute Development Practitioner [ADP].   

EduDevelopment Practitioners

EduDevelopment requires an interdisciplinary occupation, that of the Attribute Development Practitioner [ADP]. The ADP is an interdisciplinary specialist of Global standing, with a specific, unique, New Generation Attribute Group:

  • The ADP has to act as internationally accredited coach and mentor, evaluator and judge, project manager, systems designer, as well as supervisor for students from various countries who participate in the EduDevelopment Programme.
  • The Attribute Development Practitioner is a specialist in the 6 Development/Achievement Areas:



Attribute Development Matrix

6 Achievement Axles/Development Areas

Profession Specific Attributes

1. Profession Specific  Knowledge Acquisition [Personal knowledge base of memorized data]


Profession Specific Attributes in respect of the various professions:


Dimension 1: Level -

1. Horizontal

2. Vertical

- Grade 1 [Elementary level]


- Pre-employment or junior university [Advanced level]


Dimension 2: Developmental plane

General: apply to all professions

Specialist plane: apply to specific professions, eg scarce skills 

2. Knowledge Management: Problem solving and systems design -

 - The discovery of new Science, and

 - Adding to the universal data base of the Sciences

3. Technical Invention

 - The creation of new technology and/or

 - The new application of existing technology

4. Innovative Thought Processes:  Creative, lateral and literal thinking etc

 - Creative visual design and/or

 - Ideas generation

5. Business Acumen [entrepreneurship]

6. Good/Considerate Governance

 - Academic Standards and

 - Ethical work practices

  •  A key element of the ADP’s skills armour is the ability to develop intelliteracies such as competitiveness and courage as part of the attribute group of emerging achievers and leaders
  • The ADP is supervised by the International Standards and Ethics Commission [ISEC], and supported administratively by an official individual ADP Practice, registered in terms of existing legal and fiscal rules and regulations to ensure credibility and recognition in all countries.

Tracking Internationally Accredited Achievements

Career prediction and the tracking the attributes and achievements of emerging leaders is a key solution for future youth development in Global context. The web based AchievemenTRACK programme offers support for the EduDevelopment Programme.