Global Youth Development [GYD] Strategy


All countries strive to be competitive in Global context  … It is a fact.


There can be no doubt that Global Competitiveness is a process that - specifically in respect of “advanced” Professions where the development of profession-specific attributes holds the key to leadership and achievement - has to start at home and at early school age ….


Global Competitiveness has no meaning or relevancy unless it is backed up by a universally accredited and endorsed Measuring and Rating System, which is supported by functional content, opportunity, infrastructure and evaluation mechanisms.


Another aspect of critical importance is that the measurement, certification and rating of profession-specific attributes and achievements depend on the existence of a universal set of criteria and rules, without which countries would not be able to rate their emerging achievers and leaders in Global context.


At present there exists - in Global context – no such universally accredited and endorsed process for profession-specific Youth Development.


The first step in this process is to establish a Global Accommodating Environment and Development Framework to form a bridge between the various “negative” factors such as low education standards, Global unemployment, mental contamination, inter-nation conflicts and environmental pollution, on the one side, and A State of Global Excellence that brings out The Good in all people, and which is characterized by a Collective Competence, Commitment, Good-will and Peaceful Coexistence. 


For any country this process starts with the early identification of its emerging achievers and achievers. The development process continues with the design of relevant supporting content, opportunities and infrastructure.


The NYDT has – in support of emerging achievers and leaders on all Continents, and on behalf of the many organizations and institutions involved in youth development – taken the initiative to design and implement a Global Youth Development Strategy.


The essence of such a Global Youth Development Strategy is the participation by-, and cooperation of-, a significant number of countries on partnership basis. 


The NYDT’s Global Youth Development [GYD] Strategy must therefore be seen as a fundamental set of principles and rules that has been designed to create a Core International Cooperation Structure that will enable any person, organization and institution from any country to affiliate and participate. Such affiliation should enable any role-player to successfully design and implement properly coordinated Youth Development activities in the respective countries.



It is the NYDT’s principal objective to work closely with practicing professionals and industry experts of any country in an effort to establish a Global set of criteria and rules in support of

the Global Guest for Competitiveness.


The NYDT does not own Global Youth Development as a Process of Excellence, but would like to assist with the establishment and sustainable implementation of a Global Youth Development Partnership …