- The StudioMaster ADP Programme

The ADP StudioMaster Programme of the New Frontiers Career Academy [NFCA].


The NYDT has developed a functional and sustainable youth development programme for South Africa.


The NFCA has been established as development platform for career path development in Global context


To achieve this we have done extensive research.


During the research process we consulted with a significant number of practicing professionals and industry experts in a number of countries. We also consulted – on community [“grass roots”] level – with young people who are caught in a cycle of unemployment and poverty on community [“Village”] level.


It is clear is that, without Global endorsement and accreditation, the content and implementation of such a programme would have no authoritativeness and credibility.


Research Conclusions:


The 1st conclusions: High levels of unemployment and poverty are playing out in a significant number of under-resourced countries, with no practical solution to prevent the present Global increase [of unemployment and poverty] in sight.


The 2nd conclusion: The Global population of people living with affected ability is rapidly increasing. This is partly due to extreme poverty and the shortage of nutritional food for expecting mothers and young children, as well as regional conflicts.


The 3rd conclusion: South Africa and other countries - which are caught up a cycle of poverty and unemployment – require an Integrated Global Solution [IGS] in terms of which

  • The principle of Quantum Economics [= “One dollar at a time”] is applied – firstly – on Village level, to build functional infrastructure and logistics for the Global trading of products and services.
  • The creation of prosperity is established on village [= community] level, and
  • communities in the various affected countries – secondly - work together in Village to Village context. 

The 4th conclusion: Too-many-to-count community members have the attributes required for the development of a Global Solution at Village level. We can testify first-hand that those community members are prevented from achieving success by factors that include, inter alia,

  • low education standards,
  • a shortage of dedicated motivated and qualified educator communities,
  • Government corruption and incompetence,
  • high levels of crime and corruption on community level, combined with
  • ineffective law enforcement systems,
  • political intolerance and conflict, and – last but not least –
  • a lack of functional opportunities.

The 5th conclusion: We have entered an Information age wherein information [data, facts] has become a critical component of the modern Globally “open” society. Our prediction is and that Career Intelligence [Information that has been accredited and endorsed (Processed, assessed, evaluated, verified and moderated) for specific relevant purposes within a framework of quality assurance, by practicing professionals, with international standing] will in future become the most important Global consumer commodity.


The 6th conclusion: The ability and skills related to career prediction have become a critical profession-specific attribute for any person who wishes to be successful.


The 7th conclusion: Financial independence should form the basis, the ultimate goal, of career planning. Financial literacy should be considered as an absolutely crucial attribute that has to be introduced at preschool age. Financial Literacy should be taught to young children by their parents from at least the age of 2 years.


It has become clear that an IGS for South Africa will only be functional if integrated and interlocked with similar solutions in other countries where such solutions are essential.


One of the elements of the IGS was the design of a functional and credible system that will ensure the identification and uninterrupted development of emerging achievers from early age through high school and college.


As such a system should be a “bridge” between

Classroom education [where the focus is mainly on the acquiring of literacy and numeracy (= knowledge)],

Profession-specific Boardroom training, and

Intelligent business model development [= Including entrepreneurship], it can be defined as EduDevelopment.


EduDevelopment pre-supposes the services of qualified and knowledgeable practitioners who act not only as IGS (i) educators or lecturers, but also as (ii) profession-specific instructors, advisors, trainer-coaches, guides, mentors and tutors for emerging achievers, from early pre-school foundation age through the age of 25 when their brains are fully development.


The EduDevelopment practitioner - in essence - is a profession-specific attribute development expert with a high level of emotional intelligence.


We therefore created the profession of the StudioMaster.


The StudioMaster is a well-trained and multi-skilled Attribute Development Practitioner [ADP] who operates within the following framework:

  • Personal Mission: The first and foremost goal of the StudioMaster [ADP] is to work for personal financial independence a retirement age [50 to 60 years] within the framework of his/her chosen profession.
  • Duties/Obligations: The Principal duty of the ADP [StudioMaster] is the identification of emerging achievers and leaders and the development of their profession-specific attributes.
  • Systematic Envelopment: A key element of the EduDevelopment Programme is Systematic Envelopment, in terms of which emerging achievers and leaders are (i) identified, (ii) positioned in an information friendly environment, and then enveloped systematically with strategic information [Career Intelligence].
    • There can be no doubt that well informed achievers make better decisions, and are better equipped to control their futures
    • Information about Intelligent Business Model design will be contained in the Risk and Opportunity Index [ROI]. ROI is an algorithm that will be made available to in web solution format, and will assist you in the development of the MasterStudio practice   
  • Authorization: Any practicing professional or industry expert who acts as (i) educator or lecturer, (ii) profession-specific instructor, advisor, trainer-coach, guide, mentor or tutor may work as ADP StudioMaster provided that he/she (i) is authorized as such by the IDEALs Institute, and (ii) utilizes and/or implements authorized contents of the NYDT’s EduDevelopment Programme
  • Base of StudioMaster [ADP] Ops: The base of operations of the StudioMaster is a MasterStudio Practice.
    • The ADP practice may be a real time of virtual (i) design studio [The Desktop Studio], (ii) laboratory, (iii) lecture room or (iv) theatre stage that is registered as a Career Prediction and Career Intelligence Practice at the NYDT’s Institute for the Development of Emerging Achievers and Leaders [IDEALs].
    • The ADP’s MasterStudio is linked to the Internet, to facilitate access by emerging achievers [interns] from anywhere in the connected World.
    • The ADP practice is linked to an individual bank account to which investment/client income is channeled.
  • Principal Attributes of the ADP [StudioMaster]. Successful ADP’s are born with specific attributes [Genetic predisposition], and acquire/develop various S.E.E.K. attributes such as
    • An advanced knowledge of the principles of Career Prediction and Career Intelligence,
    • Profession-specific skills, experience and expertise within the context of his/her profession, and
    • An advanced level of Emotional Intelligence [EI]. 
  • Certification/Accreditation of the ADP [StudioMaster]: The ADP StudioMaster is accredited by the Institute for the Development of Emerging Achievers [IDEALs] within the framework of international accreditation and endorsement.  
  • Authorized Content of the Emerging Achievers and Leaders [IDEALs] EduDevelopment Programme: The content of the Programme focuses on profession-specific attribute development, and ultimately to assist emerging achievers and leaders with the development of their ability to predict and control their careers.   
    • The New Frontiers Career Academy [NFCA] has been established to serve as EduDevelopment platform.
    • The central focus of the NFCA programme is on Career Prediction.
    • Working in teams of between 6 and 10 members, interns participate in various NFCA projects that have been designed to develop profession-specific attributes.
    • The NFCA projects promote Creative Design, Innovative Thinking, Technical Invention and Scientific Discovery [DIID].
    • Interns are encouraged to work in inter-nation and international context with teams from other countries.
    • ADP StudioMasters act in supervising capacity for the NFCA project teams.
  • Client Base of the ADP [StudioMaster] consists of the following:
    • Paying interns [Emerging achievers and leaders under the age of 25 years old].
    • Paying corporate clients
  • Income/Investment Channels of the ADP [StudioMaster]:
    • Paying clients: Interns and corporate clients
    • Investment in terms of social investment and public benefit activities
    • Income from international events, operations [ops] such as boot camps and festivals/concerts
  • Support/Logistics System for the ADP [StudioMaster]. The NYDT, as advised by the IDEALs Institute, will provide the following support to the ADP StudioMaster:
    • Establish the StudioMaster as practitioner with international standing in Global context.
    • Provide the StudioMaster with specific training and development materials, specifically in terms of attribute development.
    • Provide the StudioMaster with the assessment of IGS related projects
    • Provide administrative support to the StudioMaster, specifically with the management of his/her client base of interns [students] in the various affiliated countries.
    • Assist the ADP with the development of opportunities, events and projects that are aimed at attribute development.
    • Assist the StudioMaster with the development of markets for his/her products in other countries within the context of the Global Village Trader Programme.
    • Give the ADP access to the Career Intelligence web solution.