- The Rainbowl Home School [RHS]

The Rainbowl Home School system will be launched officially in January 2014


The focal point of the RHS is on EduDevelopment, which can be defined as Intelligent Career Path Design and Development, specifically Attribute Quotient [AQ]: Intelligent attribute development within the context of profession-specific intellectual and interpretational literacy’s.


Attribute Quotient [AQ] focuses on development from infancy to the age of 25 years old, which is the date generally recognized phase when the human brain has reached full development.  


The SEEEEK Factor: The following profession-specific attributes are included in the RHS programme:

·         Profession-specific Knowledge

·         Profession-specific Skills

·         Profession-specific Experience

·         Profession-specific Expertise

·         Profession-specific Expression

·         Emotional Intelligence.


SEEEEK related attributes are developed through intelligent (i) Project design and implementation, and (ii) Work-based learning


Key building blocks of AQ:

·         Genetic predisposition,

·         Neuron pathway [Knowledge pathway] development,

·         Spontaneous expression,  and

·         DIID achievement [Creative Design, Technical Invention, Innovative Thinking and Scientific Discovery]


The RHS Programme is presented by parents and StudioMasters.


The RHS programme is home based and Career Internet supported. Logistical support will be provided through various Career Intelligence mechanisms, including

·         the Parents Collective Web page

·         The Career Prediction and Achievement Tracking algorithm [C.PAT]

·         The Risk and Opportunity Index algorithm [ROI]

·         The Global Achievement Benchmarking Index [GABI]