Global Invention and Innovation Convention


The Global Invention and Innovation Convention [GIIC] has been established to showcase the artistic designs, inventions, innovations, and scientific discoveries of emerging storytellers, artists, musicians, designers and engineers under the age of 25 years old in an annual [Global] convention.


The GIIC is an executive forum where talented designers, innovators and inventors may present their work for

(a) evaluation and appreciation, with the intention of

(b) allocating a market value to it, for trading it in Global markets.


The principle of Financial Independence at Retirement Age has become a key issue in youth development across the World as only a small percentage of people are able to build – through their lifetime - pension funds that support a prosperous lifestyle.


Unemployment is a Global crisis, and a new World order is required to prevent a disastrous future for the Global population.


There can be no doubt that New Ideas through creativity, innovation, technical invention and Scientific discovery are the driving force behind a sustainable and effective Global Economy.


It is for this reason that we created the GIIC where educators and students from the respective participating countries and organizations will be able to convene and communicate interactively with practicing professionals in the field of Global investment, taxes and export/imports about investment in their artistic works, designs and inventions.


At the GIIC the professionals will guide future generations of innovators and inventors in their quest to promote inter-connective markets and distribution networks in today’s rapidly expanding Global marketplace.