Investment Intel - Risk/Opportunity Index

Investment Intelligence: Risk and Opportunity Index [ROI] is an international initiative focusing on an issue that is of critical importance to the universal question: “Will I have enough funds available at the time of my final retirement to live comfortable when I am not able to generate income anymore”   


Financial Independence at Retirement Age [“FI@RA”] should be recognized and endorsed as a critical component of any functional career path development programme


Research shows – in general - that

  • Salaried people are not saving nearly enough for their retirement, as financial independence at retirement age is extremely difficult to predict
  • Most people are in denial about how they will survive financially during retirement
  • People tend to make uninformed decisions upon retirement, specifically in terms of post retirement investment, due to the lack of information
  • Inadequate financial planning in respect of both pre-retirement and post-retirement phases is a very serious Global problem
  • The complexities of the investment industry, competition between product providers, and the overwhelming amount of information available on the Internet, added to the lack of effective investment education literacy and intentional ignorance on the side of the investing public results in a hostile investment environment.   

The lack of access to relevant and affordable information by the average investor, and the high cost of investment are the two most important causes of dysfunctional long term investment.


Investment Security starts at early age: Parents need to (a) teach their children the principles of voluntary retirement investment, and (b) create for them sustainable investment opportunities, already in the pre-school phase

  • Financial Literacy should therefore be introduced as a formal learning area in pre-school development, and maintained through school based career path development. Emphasis should be placed on The 4 Forces of Successful Investment
  • Parents should initiate the establishment of an economic comfort zone for their children. Included in this should be an investment friendly entrepreneurial trade channel that will assist their children to formulate an investment trajectory within the context of financial independence at retirement age
  • The retirement industry needs to find ways and means to remain relevant in an ever-changing Global investment landscape


Investment Intelligence is the key to successful investment planning, specifically as far as planning for a comfortable retirement is concerned. It contains public domain information as well as confidential information, and serves as a “consultation room” where investors, the providers of investment products, investment advisors and tax experts meet for the purpose of accurate investment planning.


The Risk and Opportunity Index [ROI] has been designed to assist investors of all ages - but specifically the under-age investor – with professional guidance. ROI is funded by an international Investment Alliance.