International Heritage Feastival

Our Global heritage is precious.

People around the World share a common heritage .... and we must celebrate and protect it together... !

The objective of the heritage programme of the NYDT is to create a window of opportunity to school students and teachers to work together on projects.

The history of the World has not been written fully. There are still so many pieces missing.

We are trying to find all the pieces of the History Puzzle and put it together.  We are - therefore - Designing the Future of the Past.

For that reason our main research project for school students is titled: The Time Detectives.

Our students are looking for clues to solve the Puzzle of History, exactly like detectives do when they want to solve a crime. 


Memories, the Bridge of Time


Eternity .. Through The Mists of Time


in this beautiful land .

with its dense bush

beautiful flowers

sand dunes

rivers deep

mountains high

eagles soaring high above

fast, swift antelopes

the elephant, the buffalo, the lion,

the people of Now and Then

All Kings of Africa


This we see,

Now. Today.

In our memories we will live together

. but

there is a forgotten world


The World of The Past


The book of ancient times is closed


bones and stones

boxes on shelves

glass windows

tell ancient tales


the story of how the people of This Land Africa lived, loved and died   long ago


Memories tell the story of Past Worlds


The are many memories

  for us to find


Let the microchip

  tell the story

of the ancient stone chip 




The eyes of God watched us

. as we lived Through the Ages

We see The Time That Is Now,

we can not see The Future

without memories we can not see the future

memories will tell it to our children

Our children will be The Messengers of Our Future


Let memories tell the story of The People of Earth people who lived in different time, but with one destiny




Out of the darkness of the past

. comes the bright light of the future


Memories are the light that will show the past


The ancient ones

they do not know us

we do not know them

They lived and loved and died

They became one with Our Earth


The children must have memories to build their future

  the memories of the past are the Bridge to their Future







A re opeleng

A re ba opeleng ka dipina le Mmino

A bantu ba kudala

A re gopoleng bao ba neng ba dirisa

didiriswa tsa matlapa, dithobane le marumo go tsoma

le go tswelela mo botshelong



[Choir in English]

Let us remember

Let us sing together

Let us praise those who with tools from stone and wooden spears  . shaped our destiny


[Choir in Afrikaans]

Laat ons onthou

Laat ons saamsing

Laat ons sing oor hulle wie met klip en spies . ons toekoms gevorm het



Memories are the Bridge of Time


Through the Mists of Time ... Through the Mists of Time