About the NYDT
      - Relevant Career Paths
      - Our unique character
      - Legal Status
  Global Youth Development [GYD] Strategy
  Global Invention and Innovation Convention
  EduDevelopment: Career Prediction
  Career Prediction / Tracking Achievement
      - Protocol: International Career Prediction
  Invitation: International Cooperation
  IDEALS - Executive Leadership Institute
      The IDEALs Constitution
      The IDEALs Directorate
  Investment Intel - Risk/Opportunity Index
  New Frontiers Innovation Convention
  - The Rainbowl Home School [RHS]
  - The StudioMaster ADP Programme
  - Knowledge Dynamics Internship
  - Scientific Problem Solving Inc
      Situation Critical R & D Programme
          Summary of Assignments
  Business Model Design Ė Follow the Money
      The NYDT Model
      International Legal Framework
      Global Risk and Opportunity Index - ROI
          David Skosana's Design Studio
      IBIF - International Business Investment Fund
      I.B.I.F. Investment/Business Accounts
      The Global Career Intelnet
  Table 46 Attribute & Achievement Audit'ion
  - The Orphans: Soup at School in Africa
      Selling lemonade!
  - Technology for Persons with Affected Ability
      International Career Feastival [ICF]
  Inni'Village - Global Innovation Feastival
      Building A Global Innovation City
      Global Rainbowl Design Studio
      InniíCity Music and Food Feastival
      InniíCity Art Exhibition and Artist Interviews
      InniíCity D.I.I.D. Creativity Challenge
          Rainbowl Village Idols
      Defining Rainbowl Palette / Kontext Musik
          I, Blind Heart
          Space Odyssey
          Peace Odyssey: Dance of the Stars
      Interpretation of Kontext Musik Themes
      The Rainbowl Art Wall
      Evaluation of Kontext Musik Productions
      Rainbowl Palette Village Theatre
  International Education Feastival
  Odyssey of the Inventors
      Host School - Hercules High School
   - Republika Robotika
  International Heritage Feastival
      - Urban Archaeology
      - AquaArchaeology
      - Wilderness Archaeology
  International Entertainment Feastival
  Odyssey of the Adventurers
  Journalism Academy - Ye Olde Story Shoppe
  - CrisisCam: Punch Line Journalism