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In our Song, Dance and Drama Program we focus on Creativity of the Human Mind. 


All emerging leaders should learn the art of speaking in public ... it is a critical skill to learn, as leaders all have to communicate in an "open environment".





We designed various projects for the SDD programme:


1. Science Based Competition Project:


Example: Music in Space: Mozart on Mars ...   When humans venture into Space and stay in different atmospheric environments for long periods of time, they need to take with them stuff like music.


The question is: how does music work in space where there is no atmosphere?




2. Songs for the Youth Programme:


The Songs for the Youth Programme creates an opportunity for emerging songwriters, voice artists and musicians to compose and record songs, and establish themselves as competitive in Global context.


Our philosophy is to create an original sound in the spirit of “Think. Create. Do not imitate”.


Our group[“Band”]  is known as Imilozi. Freely translated it means “The Wistlers


The sound of the Imilozi Music: Distinctive sound consisting of the following instruments

1.       Key:  Piano, electronic key board

2.       String: guitar, violin and/or any traditional instrument

3.       Drum: The traditional Africa drum or any other traditional instrument of any nation

4.       Didgeridoo [Traditional Australian instrument]

5.       The Penny Whistle [And/Or members whistling orally, using no technology]


Other instruments are optional. These include the xylophone


Songs [ Lyrics]

An essential part of the Imilozi music programme is The Original Song: Songs composed specifically for the Songs for the Youth programme


We also adapt traditional songs with cultural and/or traditional significance of various nations. Verses are translated in various languages, to produce a multi-lingual song, based on the original, without losing the original meaning and cultural significance.


Voice Artists work with the musicians to create original sounds


The Virtual Song Concept:

A key aspect of the Songs for the Youth Programme is the design and production of songs produced by various artists, musicians and songwriters who live in different countries.

This is the process:

a.       Project team select songs for the Virtual Song Project

b.      Participating team members obtain materials required eg sheet music, lyrics etc

c.      Conductor record and upload up demo video and place on Youtube

d.      Various artists record their contributions, based on the conductors demo video

e.      Technical coordinator integrates all the contributions

f.        Final product placed on Youtube

g.       Assessment by panel of judges


A brilliant example of MUSIC ACROSS THE DIGITAL DIVIDE Is Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir [185 voices]. For more information please navigate to   and



here are a number of titles of our original songs

  • Heritage Song: We are busy with the design of a song to celebrate our common heritage. Students and teachers work together to design a DVD titled Through the Mists of Time. Please go to  for more information
  • Digeridoo and drums: Our unique Digeridoo and African Drums project focuses on the Science of Indiginous music.
  • Sport Song: Young ChampionsOur Aeronaut Song Kids in the Sky is presently being re-done. Watch this space!
  • Deep House ... a part of the unique Africa sound


3. Drama Project:

Write a scene form a Movie.

  • Design a stunt that will complement the scene
  • Make use of technology to give the scene as much impact as possible