IDEALS - Executive Leadership Institute

The international Institute for the Development of Emerging Achievers and Leaders [The IDEALs Institute] focuses on the identification and development of emerging achievers and leaders at school and college level




Profession-specific career prediction and the tracking of achievements are the core function of the IDEALs Institute


The IDEALs Institute initiated the development of a web solution for the accurate measurement of profession-specific attributes of emerging achievers and leaders in all affiliated countries.


The C.PAT web solution is the junction where professions meet emerging achievers and leaders, and where Science Meet Culture on professionals basis


A critical building block of the C.PAT Programme is the identification on Scientific basis of Science based activities [SciBA], such as competitions, games and events that provide the opportunities to emerging achievers and leaders to

  • Develop internationally accredited profession-specific attributes
  • Obtain Globally endorsed Certificates of Achievement