About the NYDT

The foundation of successful career is embedded in the integrated development of character and personality, as well as  advanced personal and professional skills

Pro-active, effective career path planning and the accurate mapping of a career based on anticipatory profiling - are essential building blocks for the 21st Century professional.


The career of any Young Professional in the 21st century is built on 3 pillars:


  • The Pillar of Knowledge A formal classroom education is required to obtain a sound knowledge base in the Sciences
  • The Pillar of Experience Gaining experience is critical to acquire the minimum ability and multi-skills base
  • The Pillar of Early Career Establishment in International Context The Young Professional and emerging leader must accept that an early entrance into a profession - in international context - is critical for the 21st Century



Vital Skills for the 21st Century are

  1. The ability to understand the importance of Learning and Knowledge

  2. The ability and skills to Learn and gain Knowledge

  3. How to develop interpersonal skills such as effective listening, communication and dispute resolution

  4. How to develop the ability to reading, writing, interpret, calculate and compute

  5. The ability to know and understand group dynamics:

    • The ability to work in a team or group

    • The ability to absorb and handle pressure

    • The ability to  recognize and manage risk

    • The ability to manage disputes

  6. Positive self-esteem

  7. Personal  and group ethics

  8. Adaptability and flexibility

  9. Personal management

  10. Creativity and initiative

  11. The ability to analyze and to solve problems

This is the mission of the NYDT ...

Through Problem Solving as teaching medium the NYDT assists teachers and students from grade 1 to grade 12 - to develop their personal and professional skills, and achieve career milestones.


The principal strategic objective of the NYDT is integrated applied career path development [CPD]. The design, development and sustainable management of a credible youth program to support career path development in global context will be pursued by the NYDT as an international priority.


Our Vision

The key to the Future is in the hands of the Youth of the World. The creation and realization of an appropriate, purposeful, dedicated vision is therefore seen as the most important success factor to accomplish such a mission.


Implementation Policy

To pursue and achieve such a national mission and vision the NYDT has to

  1. Become a world leader as far as integrated career path development for the Youth is concerned
  2. Become a world leader in applied, integrated skills development for the Youth and Educators
  3. Design, develop and manage a credible training program accepted in global context - to support career path and global skills development for the Youth of South Africa


NYDT Programmes and projects are leading-edge and will put you in touch with the World where everything happens. You can design and manage your favourite project with students on various Continents. Training in a practical environment where students and educators learn to think laterally and apply their skills is the key to a successful career development program.


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